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Kiss Me Kate

Sheffield Crucible

Director Paul Foster, Choreographer Matt Flint, Lighting Howard Hudson

The set design is another winning choice from recent BroadwayWorld UK award winner Janet Bird. Here, the setting moves deftly between the theatre backstage and the front stage for the musical-within-a-musical version of Taming of the Shrew. The Shakespearean sets and costumes are rendered in bright neons that aid the sense of the Bard's work being pushed to its most ridiculous extremes.

**** Broadway World 

 Janet Bird’s versatile design swiftly and comically transforms

The Guardian

It’s the sort of production where every element – from James McKeon’s terrific band to Janet Bird’s almost cartoon-like stage design – come together to produce something very special.


Just as impressive is Janet Bird’s design which flavours the entire production and facilitates swift and effective scene changes. The thrust stage is almost empty at first. Above is a backstage dressing-room corridor which sometimes opens out to reveal the band and their conductor.

On Yorkshire

Photos: Manuel Harlan

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