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The Rocky Horror Showby Richard O'Brien

ATG UK and International Tours, runs at Comedy and Playhouse Theatres

Director Christopher Luscombe, Choreography Jenny Arnold, Costumes Sue Blane, Lighting Nick Richins, Pupptery direction Mervyn Millar

Janet Bird's witty set design is an acutely observed homage to b-movies of the era, subtle yet inventive in its execution, cleverly using the low-fi technologies of early cinema in its shadow play and tricks of perspective.

Whatsonstage (Scotland)


that's exactly how it should be - Rocky needs an almost earthy crudeness to make it work, and that doesn't seem to have been lost on either director Christopher Luscombe or set designer, Janet Bird

London Theatre


With the new production comes a brand new set design by Janet Bird. Looking like a Tim Burton/Hammer Horror set this gives wonderful dark atmosphere to the show as well as making all the scene changes slick and smooth.

British Theatre Guide


The set, designed by Janet Bird, can only be described as splendid, with interleaving layers providing exciting and witty set changes and it really adds to the gothic, claustrophobic feel of the piece, whilst showing off the performers at their best.

Public Reviews

Photos: Eric Richmond

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